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Chef S Reza

S Reza, executive chef at the NABABI Fusion Catering, Sydney. He got his Culinary Diploma from Parjatan (Hospitality Institute), Dhaka in 2001. after that he started his career at the Panpacific Hotel SonarGaon as a commie cook.


Two years later Reza moved to sydney and done another 2 years Diploma in Commercial Cookery at TAFE Ryde campus, then he started his overseas career in a Italian restaurant at Darling Harbour. After few years he move to Plunge Cafe, Summer hill, where he exposed to a style of quality cooking. Reza loved to cook with fused unique south Asian culture and Western influences to create a flavorful masterpiece and he feel cooking is not only cooking, but also an Art.


He was thinking to start of a restaurant or catering business.Then.....In 2019, NABABI was born for Catering business, mostly Bangladeshi south Asian food, but they also cater Aussi, European, Western, Asian food too. Some of NABABI’s famous and best dishes are ; Kacchi Biryani (Goat/Chicken), Nababi Tandoori Chicken, Nababi Chicken Roast, Morog Polao, Khashir Rezzala, Beef Shik Kabab, Green Fish Finger, Chicken Finger, Hunter Valley Fried Rice, Thai Soup, Grill Lime & Orange Snaper, Borhani, Nababi Firni, Doi Fuchka and more...



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